The 1st skateboarding video contest made exclusively on afro beats is on !

The Instagram Contest, from March 6th to 24th, will give 8 winning teams the opportunity to participate in the Pro Contest in Accra.

Form your ranks, register online and get in on the action!

Make some

The 1st skateboarding video contest made exclusively on afro beats is back !

The Instagram Contest from December 6th to 24th, will give 3 winning teams the opportunity to show their video and photo in Accra at Purple Pub.

Form your ranks and get in on the action!

Phase 1

December 6th - 24th

Instagram Video Contest

1 skateboarder + 1 filmmaker

1 video of 1 min on afro-beats tracks

Step 1: To enter the competition, post the Noise! official flyer on your instagram account and tag your filmmaker

Our team will send you the track you will have to use by email or Whatsapp

Step 2: Shoot a max of tricks, post your video on your Instagram account with

#noisegh @surfghana

Prize money: 1000 ghc



Instagram Photo Contest

1 skateboarder + 1 photographer

1 photo

Step 1: To enter the competition, post the official flyer on your Instagram account and tag your photographer

Step 2: Post your photo on your Instagram account with

#noisegh @surfghana

Prize money: 500 ghc


Phase 2

January 3th

Award Ceremony

Purple Pub - Accra 7 PM -10 PM

Free Entry

Surf Ghana pop up store

Film screening

Award Ceremony (Prize:1500 Ghs, skateboard deck in limited edition, tee-shirts, and other surprises)

Dj Set by Purple Pub

+ guests

Film screening in the presence of the Ghanaian skateboarders and the collective Surf Ghana



Chris Pfanner
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Chris Pfanner

Chris  has ventured the globe. Born on 17th July 1987 in Lagos, Nigeria his parents moved to Bregenz, Austria when Chris was a teenager. He developed his skills on a Grafix board, before moving to the skate mecca that is Barcelona. He currently resides in Nuremberg, Germany, but spends most of his time hopping from one county to another on his skateboard missions. He is the VANS team manager Europe.

* bIo from kingpinmag.

Sandy Alibo
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Skateboarding and surfing lover, Sandy is the founder of Surf Ghana collective. She has worked for 6 years as sponsorship manager in extreme sports industry in France. Sports event addict, hip hop alcoholic.

Prince  Yiadom
Kuukua Eshun
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Kuukua Eshun is a Ghanaian-American creative who splits her time between Ohio and her home Accra. Inspired by emotions and femininity, Kuukua raises awareness about social issues and mental health through her writing and film. 

She's also the co-founder of the Skate Gal Club.

Kuukua is a powerhouse who continues to tell stories that matters through her art and work.

Jomi Marcus Bello

Jomi Marcus Bello is the founder of WAFFLESNCREAM, an urban clothing brand made in Nigeria. He hasopened the first skateshop in Lagos in 2015.

"I need to bring people together and just celebrate this idea of skateboarding and this alternative culture."

He got support from Supreme.


This contest is unique. Last year, more than 40 participants disrupted the skateboarding scene in Africa. More than 10 teams of skateboarders/filmmakers/photographers/beatmakers will work together and spend 20 days in the streets working on quality skateboarding videos made in Africa

December 10th 9:00
Registration on instagram
Repost the flyer on your page and mention the account of the photographer/filmmaker you want to team up with.
Our team will send you the name of your beatmaker and will send you some of his tracks.
December 31st 23:59

The technical material (films, photos), must be submitted at least three days before the date of award ceremony (Deadline: December 31st) on a pen drive or by e-mail (

The Jury may disqualify the team which will not respect the deadline.

January 3rd 6:PM
Award ceremony at Purple pub - Accra
Pop up store Surf Ghana collective
Film screening
Free Skate
50% of profits will support Surf Ghana projects (skate park, Skate tour gh, skate gal club)


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Any questions about the contest?

In Accra we dey!


Prince is a London based Visual Effects artist with experience working on films such as the Avengers, Beauty and the Beast, Doctor Strange, GUARDIANS OF THE galaxy and Pokemon: Detective Pikachu.

Also a freelance videographer within travel and fashion working with companies such as Crooks & Castles, Puma, Adidas, JD Sports and RWD magazine.


About Surf Ghana

Surf Ghana is a collective of surfers and skateboarders based in Ghana.

Surf Ghana collective is a NGO which uses the practice of extreme sports as a driver for diversity in education, social inclusion, and empowerment of the youth.

Surf Ghana collective is a voice of diversity which pushes a narrative of freedom and self-expression creating a Counter – Culture and a platform for the youth.

Surf Ghana collective is accelerating the future of Africa by empowering the youth across a wide array of creative vocation also exposing the beautiful culture of Ghana making Accra a major attraction for tourism in Africa.


  • We collect sport equipment in Europe and US;

  • We provide free skate lessons during festivals and our annual skate tour

  • We build our sport equipment for corporate events, competitions, festivals.

  • We create a safe net for girls and women with the launch of the skate gal club.

  • We develop the employability of the youth (film making, photography, instructor, carpentry, sales etc..)

Surf Ghana is a family and a fraternity that fosters good growth and pushes solid narratives the youth of the country can hold on to in regard to a brighter future and a place to belong.

Surf Ghana Collective


About the artwork

For this event, we had the pleasure to work with David Alabo.

Davide Alabo is a multi-disciplinary African artist telling stories of the strange & surreal.

Based in Accra Ghana, David Alabo demonstrates a keen interest in Afro-surrealism; currently undertaking projects on surrealism as it pertains to African culture using 3-dimensional abstract works, photography and mixed media pieces as primary mediums. The young artist is committed to gaining an understanding of how best to showcase and critique African society through the lens of the strange & fantastical. 


Clients include Daily Paper, Quartz Magazine, Topic Magazine, Peking Duk and many others.

Featured on publications such as Avaunt Magazine, CNN, ArtX , OkayAfrica etc.



Our beat makers

Boddhi Satva


EA Wave

Why they're great >

Why they're great >


Why he's great >

Blacky Mr l'artiste

Why he's great >


Why he's great >


Why he's great >


Why he's great >

Nshona Music

Why he's great >

Because we consider skateboarding as a culture, we wanted to work with our talented friends to celebrate our common passion for afro beats.

All theses artists, from Africa or Africa lover, accepted to collaborate with us by offering their best tracks to the teams and give them the opportunity to enhance their skateboarding videos.

Big shout out to them !

© 2018 by Surf Ghana Collective